Naturalac Nutrition Limited (“NNL”), a marketer of branded sports nutritional food and beverages including products marketed to athletes and mass consumer markets trades under the Horleys™ brand name and other proprietary brands such as Sculpt™ (a weight management product tailored for women) and Replace™ (an isotonic sports drink in powdered format).

The key benefits of these products are in the areas of weight management (both muscle mass gain and weight loss through satiety control), energy delivery and hydration. Most recently, NNL also launched a range of nut milks under the Covet™ brand name. The Covet range is manufactured by Envictus Dairies NZ Limited, another subsidiary in Envictus Group.

NNL became a “virtual” company in 2002 in order to enable its management to focus its efforts on key areas of marketing and product development. As such, this marketing company outsources many of its key functions including manufacturing, distribution and selling to third party providers, both in New Zealand and Australia. This lean business model, akin to popular sports apparel brands, has provided NNL with the needed flexibility and speed in delivering high quality products to its customers, while focusing and leveraging on its key competency in product development, advertising and promotion and customer service. This model has reduced the need for substantial resources, both financial and non-financial, otherwise required for setting up of processing and production centres.

By concentrating on its core competencies, NNL has been able to significantly shorten the time required for product development, from concept to market. This ability is considered an edge over its competitors. In New Zealand, NNL’s products are primarily distributed through the route channels (gyms, health food shops, specialty stores and specialty nutrition shops) and retail channels (supermarkets, oil and convenience retail outlets) whilst its Australian sales are made predominantly through the route channels.

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