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The Group’s operating facilities are located in Malaysia. Apart from Malaysia, the Group’s products can be found in..

• Australia
• New Zealand
• China
• Japan
• Singapore
• Indonesia
• Philippines

Trading & Frozen Food

Food Processing

Food Services



Dato’ Jaya J B Tan was appointed to the Board since 23 December 2003. Dato’ Jaya was re-designated from Non-Executive Chairman to Executive Chairman on 3 November 2020. He is overall in charge of the Group’s corporate and operational functions, identifying, charting and implementing sustainable business strategies in new growth areas of the Group’s businesses.

He graduated from the University of Arizona and is a Mechanical Engineer bytraining. He has extensive experience in forestry, property development, food retail operations, trading and financial services. Previously, he has served as Chairman of several companies quoted on the stock exchanges of Malaysia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and India.

Dato’ Jaya is the Non-Executive Chairman of Lasseters International Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (“SGX”). He is also the Vice Chairman of Park Hyatt Saigon, a 259-room 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Dato’ Jaya was re-elected as Director at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) held in January 2019. Dato’ Jaya is the brother of Dato’ Kamal Y P Tan.


Datuk Sam Goi Seng Hui joined the Board of Envictus International Holdings Limited as Vice-Chairman and Non-Executive Director on 9 January 2013.

He is the Executive Chairman of Tee Yih Jia Group and SGX Mainboard-listed GSH Corporation Limited.

Established in 1969, Tee Yih Jia Group is a global food and beverage group with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Europe and China, and exports to over 80 countries worldwide. GSH Corporation Limited is a developer of premium residential and commercial properties in the region, as well as the owner and operator of Sutera Habour Resort, Marina and Golf Course and other prime properties currently under development in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Datuk Sam Goi also serves on the board of two other Mainboard-listedcompanies in Singapore – as Vice Chairman of JB Foods Limited and Director of Tung Lok Restaurants (2000) Ltd. In addition, he has business interest across a range of private entities in diverse industries, including food and beverage, leisure real estate, consumer essentials, renewable energy, healthcare, technology, distribution and logistics.

In addition, Datuk Sam Goi has vast experience of doing business in the region, and is a strong advocate of trade. He is a council member for the Singapore-Zhejiang Economic and Trade Council (SZETC), Singapore-Tianjin Economic andTrade Council (STETC) and Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council (SJCC). He also serves as the Enterprise 50 Club’s Honorary Past President and Honorary Council Member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI).

In April 2018, Datuk Sam Goi was appointed Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil.

He was named “Businessman of the Year” at the Singapore Business Awards (2014) and conferred the Public Service Star (Bar) (BBM (L)) at the 49th National Day Awards by the President of Singapore for his contributions to the community. For his social and business contributions to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, he was conferred the State Award of Panglima Gemilang Darjah Kinabalu (PGDK), which carries the title of Datuk, from the state of Sabah. In 2015, he received the “SG50 Outstanding Chinese Business Pioneers Award” and the Long Service Award from Singapore’s People’s Action Party. Datuk Sam Goi was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Enterprise Asia in 2015 and by the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute in 2016. In 2017, he was honoured for his contributions and success as an overseas Chinese by the People’s Tribune Magazine in Beijing, China. In 2018, he was conferred the Distinguished Business Leader Award at the World Chinese Economic Forum. In 2019, he was appointed Patron for Advancement and received the inaugural Benefactors Fellow Award from the Singapore University for Technology and Design (SUTD) and conferred the Pearl of Orient award at the World Chinese Economic Forum.

Datuk Sam Goi is also the Honorary Chairman of Dunman High School Advisory Committee, Ulu Pandan Citizens Consultative Committee, Singapore Futsing Association, and Nanyang Gwee Clan Association. He is also an Honorary President of Kong Hwa School Alumni, a Senior Consultant of Su Tong Science & Technology Park, a Committee Member of Tan Kah Kee Foundation, and a Council Member of NTUC Club Management Council. He was appointed as Justice of Peace in 2020 for a period of five years.

Datuk Sam Goi will be retiring at the forthcoming AGM and he will offer himself for re-election as Director.


Dato’ Kamal Y P Tan is the Non-Executive Director and Adviser of the Company and was appointed to the Board on 23 December 2003. He was appointed as the Executive Director of the Company upon its listing on 23 December 2004 and subsequently became the Group Chief Executive Officer on 20 January 2009. He has been re-designated as Non-Executive Director and Adviser on 1 April 2019 following his decision for semi-retirement. On 1 April 2020, Dato’ Kamal was re-designated as Acting Group Chief Executive Officer to relieve the then Group CEO who had taken leave of absence for 6 months to 30 September 2020. Dato’ Kamal assumed the position of Group CEO on 1 October 2020 to 3 November 2020 before he took the current position as Non-Executive Director and Adviser on 3 November 2020.

Dato’ Kamal is an Economics graduate from the London School of Economics and has held board positions with companies listed on the stock exchanges in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and India.

Currently, Dato’ Kamal is also the Non-Executive Director of another company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, namely Lasseters International Holdings Limited. He is a Board member of Park Hyatt Saigon, a 259-room 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Dato’ Kamal was re-elected as Director at the AGM held in January 2020. Dato’ Kamal is the brother of Dato’ Jaya J B Tan.


Mr Teo Chee Seng was appointed Independent Director of the Company on 3 August 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from the University of Singapore and is a lawyer in the Singapore private practice for more than 30 years.

Mr Teo acts as the legal consultant to Tzu Chi Foundation, Taiwan’s biggest charity organisation which is also an United Nations NGO.

Apart from the present directorship of the Company, Mr Teo is the Independent Director of Lasseters International Holdings Limited and Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd, companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and United Overseas Australia Ltd, which is listed on both Singapore and Australia stock exchanges and UOA Development Bhd, a company listed on the Bursa Malaysia.

Mr Teo will retire at the forthcoming AGM and will offer himself for re-election as a Director. Mr Teo will also stand for continued appointment as Independent Director at the forthcoming AGM.


Mr John Lyn Hian Woon was appointed Independent Director on 3 August 2004. He holds a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK and an MBA from Washington State University.

Mr Lyn is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Investment Pte Ltd, a family office organization registered in Singapore. He is also a Director of Sirus International Holdings, an international school based in Kuala Lumpur.

Mr Lyn is a former Chairman of Vietnam Asset Management, an associate company of UOB Kay Hian, which manages Public-listed Funds for Vietnam. He has previously held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Colonial Investment Pte. Ltd. and was responsible for management, strategic planning, investment and corporate restructuring. Prior to that, he was an investment banker with various financial institutions such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank, Schroders Securities and HSBC James Capel with a total of 15 years of experience.

Apart from the directorship of the Company, Mr Lyn does not hold directorship in any other listed companies.

Mr Lyn was re-elected as Director of the Company at the AGM held in January 2020. Mr Lyn will stand for continued appointment as Independent Director at the forthcoming AGM.


Mr Mah Weng Choong was appointed to the Board on 3 August 2004 as a Non-Executive Director and was re-designated to the position of Group Chief Operating Officer (“Group COO”) on 13 May 2010. Mr Mah relinquished his position as Group COO of the Company following the completion of the disposal of the Group’s dairies and packaging business to Asahi Group Holdings Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. and was re-designated as Non-Executive Director with effect from 1 July 2014. Mr Mah was the Group COO of Etika Dairies Sdn Bhd from 30 June 2014 to 30 June 2015. On 1 October 2017, Mr Mah was re-designated from Non-Executive Director to Independent Director of the Company. On 1 October 2020, Mr Mah was re-designated as Non-Executive Director.

Mr Mah is a graduate in Science from the University of Malaya and is an industry veteran who spent more than 5 decades in companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of sweetened condensed milk, ice-cream, UHT beverages, milk powder packing and other dairy-related products. Experienced and knowledgeable in setting up plants and strategic planning, Mr Mah is instrumental in the development and expansion plans of the dairies, packaging and beverage divisions of the Group since its inception.

Mr Mah currently acts as a Consultant for the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Motivage Sdn Bhd, for the setting up of the Group’s sweetened condensed milk manufacturing plant in Selangor Halal Hub in Pulau Indah. He provides advice and guidance on dairy factory design and process design, review construction layout, sourcing of machineries and equipment as well as business advisory services such as raw materials procurement and production process.

Apart from the directorship of the Company, Mr Mah does not hold directorship in any other listed companies.

Mr Mah was last re-elected as a Director at the AGM held in January 2019.